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Welcome to this interactive and multimedia site which will help guide users into the best practices for Microsoft’s SQL Server.  I’m Bruce Jackson and I have worked with SQL since it’s early inception at Microsoft; and later, as a SQL Architect for big data solutions in a healthcare/hospital environment for another eight years.

While employed at Microsoft, I had the opportunity to travel the globe to help Microsoft customers and partners develop solid, safe, and robust solutions on SQL and have seen a number of good and bad practices.  I plan to share both here in future articles.

I am now retired and wanted to “give back” and help those folks who are attempting to learn new SQL Server skills; or to practice “best practices” in their SQL development and deployments.

I have been certified by Microsoft as a Microsoft Certified Database Administrator “MCDBA” three times for the various versions of SQL; and my focus has been more on the development side than the day-to-day administration and so this site will emphasize those skills.

I hope you find this material useful and please feel free to send me email (brucej at medconnector dot com) or leave comments to the various articles, and thank you for stopping by.


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